Engineering Services

Network Engineering

ECC has been engaged in engineering services since it opened its doors in 1980 and continues to be an industry leader for the telecommunications market. 

Full Service Engineering

Over the years, ECC has developed an end-to-end engineering service that is applicable to any telecommunications network from Long Haul to Wireless Services to FTTx. Having deployed over 100,000 miles of telecommunications infrastructure, ECC leverages its extensive experience and knowledge base to provide effective and efficient engineering solutions for every client’s network needs. Reach out to ECC’s engineering services division today to get a free assessment on your upcoming project from ECC’s leadership team. 

Engineering Services

Complete Integration

A key advantage of ECC’s Engineering Services Division is its integration with ECC’s construction group. All ECC engineering personnel have an intimate understanding of engineering specifications and a detailed knowledge of construction practices. This allows ECC engineers to consistently go above and beyond engineering requirements while also providing an integrated product that flows seamlessly through the construction process. Additionally, ECC boasts a series of tools that provide its customers with visibility into daily engineering progress while integrating seamlessly with its construction process, thus allowing for a near-live view of key performance indicators for any project as a whole. This access to information has proven to be invaluable for ECC customers when making decisions during a project.

450 Pryor Blvd, Sturgis, KY 42459

450 Pryor Blvd. Sturgis, KY 42459


450 Pryor Blvd

Sturgis, KY 42459

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